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Nany’s Pavillon

I’ve heard about this restaurant about a year ago. A friend of mine told me about it when she visited Bandung. She said that the pancakes are better than the famous pancake resto that we visit religiously :p

Not so long after our chat, Nany’s Pavillon opened its first outlet in Citywalk Sudirman. Thrilled, the girls asked me to join them for lunch. My first impression when i got there was, interesting venue. Unique decor, fancy uniform, fit perfectly with the restaurant name.

Most of us order baked rice, mine was beef baked rice if i’m not mistaken. It tasted good, but mushroom baked rice and sausage baked rice tasted better. We also order some pancakes and grilled potato with melted cheese on it. Overall we love the flavor and the scenery.

In 2010, Nany’s pavillon opened their 2nd outlet in Pacific Place. Close to my office, so me and my boyfie give it a visit. It was pretty crowded back then, we got a not so comfortable seat. We sat side by side and facing the mirror, well since the decor was all about bathroom, i believe we were sat in the grooming desk šŸ˜€

grooming desk as dinner table??

Based on my experience and some review, we ordered Alvin’s potato, the crunchy potato chips with so delicious chilly sauce yum..yum; Sausage baked rice, baked rice with melted cheese on top, and home made sausageĀ  that tasted perfect!; Uncle “sumthing” pasta, it’s pasta with creamy sauce and beef, if you love creamy cajun beef from pancious, well this one tasted the same. Our desert was Peach pancake with additional choco chunck. Well this wasn’t the pancake i wish for, coz the one i mean is Roll peach pancake with cheese, the roll one is better!~

peach pancake

alvin's potato

baked rice (what's left of it :p)

with ice tea and mocha blended, it all cost Rp.200.000


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