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Holycowsteak at the Holy month

Rave about this new steak in twitter verse are huge!  Affordable wagyu steak, the crazy queue, and a free tiramisu if you mention them. Well a brilliant commercial indeed, since twitter has been a great way to pass information nowadays.

It was Thursday, in the first week of ramadhan. The blue panther community went through the crazy traffic during holy month in the afternoon. We went straight to radio dalam area, eyes on, we were looking for the sign .. “The Steak Hotel“ sign. After busy arguing if we might missed the sign, and there it was, next to Alfa Midi: the famous steak hotel.  Using tent, in red decoration, few seats and tables in front of a closed store (no wonder they open start at 6 pm). No crazy queue, we were lucky enough, coz not so long after we sitting comfortably on our seats, there were some group of people who need to wait patiently coz it was full!

Free almond pudding for break fasting. Most of us ordered Wagyu Steak, mine was medium well Wagyu Rib eye with blackpeper sauce (Rp.95000). I never bought nor tasted any wagyu steak before, so i didn’t know that time that it was cheap, for me it was quiet expensive for a steak :p. Later i know wagyu meat considered it to be the most tender, most succulent and tastiest meat in the world not forget to mentioned: pricey!! The verdict? It was all true! the steak was so tender, thick and juicy! The steak it self was already tasty, the BP sauce impress me more, me happy 🙂

The steak served with veggies and fries. The fries was lame though, it was dry, tasteless as it was made from non fresh material. There were mushroom sauce and barbeque sauce, though they mentioned that the mushroom sauce is the fav one, but in my opinion, blackpepper was the right one for the steak 🙂 … The night was wrapped up with a tiny cup of tiramisu (free),and i was full to the max so i just let the tiramisu melted on my hand.

We were fulfilled our curiosity, but we didn’t impress that much that will bring us back again some other time on purpose :p. Well not for us who live in Rawamangun and Kelapa gading for sure hehehe ..

Puding almond

Wagyu rib eye, BP sauce


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