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500 days of Summer

One word for this movie : Beautiful !!!

Everything about it, is beautiful: The cast, the story, the movie .. everything!! as the movie said: It’s not a love story, it’s about boy meets girl … Nope both of them aren’t end up together, but it doesn’t mean it was not a happy ending, was it ??

There’s a boy named Tom, with his 2 bestfriend and a lil sister who act more mature than him … Tom almost exactly sure he has found the girl of her dream, Love of his life, his soulmate .. but the girl was not share the same thing in mind.

Summer Fin, a pretty girl, charming!! She doesn’t believe in marriage or a relationship between man and woman .. she doesn’t want to be anybody’s girlfriend .. but then she decided to have a casual relationship with Tom, just casual!!

The story goes randomly .. we were taken to the 250 days since Tom meets Summer, but then jump back to day 1 … confuse?? well not me .. i like how the director playing with the plot … every single scene could make me smile, laugh and maybe frowning 🙂

if we often see, how a girl falling in love but then get dumped by a man, well in this movie it all opposite if it. Tom an architect but ended up work in a greeting card company, fallin in love with Summer, the assistent if his bos .. He thinks that Summer may not pay attention on him, so he act like he doesn’t care, but then a little conversation blew him away ..

Short conversation about the music (The Smith) he was listening in the elevator, give him the courage to drew Summer’s attention. All of his effort makes me laugh. Set a high volume to The Smith’s track when Summer passed, but she didn’t even notice. Silly flirty by words that only cost Summer in puzzle .. and how he always share about his feeling for Summer to his 2 bestfriend, and asking advice about it to his lil sister. Finally it all payback. They are together without a label 🙂

I love how the couple show their passion on scene, holding hand in the IKEA, make the store as they playground .. simple kiss, cute conversation we feel love in the air, put a smile on my face ^^ .. Tom adores every part of Summer, he was so happy, dancing in the park, brilliant words in the office, and he thinks the “casual” wall between him and Summer has gone, but ofcourse his wrong.

A simple words from Summer breaks his heart, she just want him to be friend, she also quit the job. But Tom won’t give up, he wants to fight for his true love, preserve the hope that just make him down.

Summer Fin who never believe in relationship finally married. ” I just woke up and feel i want to do it” ,she said to Tom she was never sure of him. She began to believe that Tom’s right about fate, true love and soulmate, while Tom him self began to loose his own faith.

The flashback of good times and bad times, played over and over … my fav is the comparison between Tom’s hope and the reality, when he visited Summer’s appartment 🙂 .. Tom start to pursue his own dream finding a job as an architect, and The day start to count at one again, when he met Autumn, a girl at the interview.

Spoiled my eyes to watch Summer’s style .. i love it!! Classic and feminim. I love how she dressed up, vintage style more like the 60’s .. love her hair style too, sleek brunete hair, simple pony tail with blue ribbon. Eyeliner to popped up her eyes .. All that beautiful scenes with beautiful music, i wish we have the original soundtrack here …

I compare this movie to Eternal Sunshine and The Spotless Mind, i think they have similarity on how the story goes … Two thumbs up for both movie 🙂


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