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Credit Card is a magic card??

Is it a magic card?? It has irresistible charm, witchery!! With various color from silver, gold to platinum, and each color represent its own value, pride!! Not only that, for you who thinks a card can show a personality, well u can have your favorite cartoon character, crazy as tazmania?? Or mysterious as batman?? You name it

Swipe it, than you can have anything you want. Fancy shoes, the most wanted bag, even a new gadget. No store could say “no” to you. All the luxury you can have from a card. No cash, just a card … how cool is that?

Well to be honest, it is cool, but it’s also a camouflage … why?? Coz it’s not magic, it’s an illusion made by Credit Card Company. To have everything you want in a card, sure u can do that, till u get the bills … yess, just like its name a credit card … So u’r purchasing in credit method, u should pay the bills within the time limit unless u want to pay it with interest.

That’s where people get stuck. They can not afford the bills, so they pay the minimum payment which is usually 10% from your total purchase. But it won’t solve the problem, maybe u can avoid the penalty because “late transfer” but not the interest. Different company could give different interest policy. Daily or monthly interest, but still, usually they give high interest. Sometime the interest accumulation could be bigger than your total purchase, if you keep refuse to pay all the bills.

Caught in debt doesn’t sounds cool anymore does it?? So do we really need this magic card ?? It will be yes or no, depend on you. Can you control yourself in using the credit card?? Coz Credit Card Company will always have various ways to make you have it and swipe it. The most easy example and always work is discount. If you have the “A” credit card you will get 50% discount to dining in your favorite restaurant. Or “B” credit card will give you the privilege, to be the first person checking “on sale” item, this “preview sale” thingy works on me 😀

When you can use it wisely, credit card is pretty useful. When you running out of cash, this card could be a savior. For example, you need to go to hospital, your family member get sick and need to be hospitalize, limited cash, but you need to pay the bail so doctor can do the job. What will you do?? Call your friends to borrow money?? Go and seek the nearest atm to take the money left?? But how will you survive to the rest of the month?? Or you can use your credit card. You will pay the bills afterward, or maybe your office will give the reimbursement. But in the urgent situation like that, credit card could save the day.

Desperately need a new cell, but the price will make you lose your paycheck?? Recently, Credit Card Company has the solution. 0% installment, for 3, 6 or 12 months. Installment with no interest, has been popular not only for cell phone, but also various gadget and stuff. You need to buy tickets, but to lazy to go out, booking online using your credit card is much easier. Another famous product from credit card company: pay bills .. you don’t have to save all the customer numbers from tv cable, phone, just give the numbers to your credit card customer service and they will put it in your credit card bills, so you only have to pay it once and type one number only: your credit card number 🙂

Use it wise and you will have the benefit. To cut your shopping hunger, give a limit to your self in using it. For example, you will only use it for 1 million every month. So every time you feel like you want to swipe it, hold off and remember, have you reach your limit this month?? If you do, then back off, if you find it hard?? Leave your card every time you want to go to mall or any places that tickle you to buy something you don’t really need.

Wise in the term of safety as well. The number behind your credit card is crucial, never give them to anyone else but yourself. Many credit card company call their customer if they find suspicious transaction using the card. If you lose it, you better in a hurry to close it down. Last but not least, pay all the bills before the due date, and credit card can be a nice companion.

And additional tip, do some bargain especially in annual fee, ask them for free annual fee, they usually give it for a year, but u can do another bargain next year 😀


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