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New moon – twilight saga

new moon

new moon

I’m a twilightholic … a year ago i was falling in love with Edward Cullen’s character like most of woman who watched the movie … teenage kind of movie, but hey, it got me ^^ … I love every single part of Twilight the movie, The original soundtract, the plot, the view, everything!! … i even watched like three times, bought all the novels, and proudly use the movie poster as screen wallpaper, that’s why, new moon is the movie i’ve been waiting for

la push's warewolf

Yesterday i watched it at Plaza Indonesia, a friend of mine so kindly bought two tickets for me by m tix … so no que, and seated at row D, oh lucky us ( thx u Margie) .. popcorn, a nice guy on my right, im so excited to watch edward πŸ˜€ .. But ofcorz as in the book, edward doesn’t appear as much as in twilight, but still his presence, change the athmosphere arround me hihihi



Chriz the director succeed transformed what’s in the novel into screen, IMO newmoon’s novel a bit boring at first, well i can feel the bitter feeling of bella, but still boring (maybe becoz edward is not arround) … so the movie kinda less atractive compare to the first one … the one that attracted me is jacob’s body, wohoo those muscles are good hehehe .. dakota faning also a magnet, eventhough, jane supposed to have olive skin, while dakota fair enough..

The chemistry between edward and bella for me is less, bella couldn’t make me cry in the movie, like the novels did … and the soundtract, errrΒ  i can’t remember the song at all, seriously!! It so different with twlight who has the greates ost ever!! i was looking for the cd the day after i watched the movie, and when i heard it, i could remember on what scene the song was played (maybe coz i watched it more than once) especially the prom scene, the song was so beautifull, and really give more value to the scene

Overall it is a good movie, good special effect for warewolf and fight scene .. cute pack of warewolf too .. and i love the volturi, they are so cool … i still love the movie, i just wish i have the same excited feeling as the first movie, and no matter how mouthwatering jacob’s body is, i’m still team edward πŸ˜€ ..


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  1. * a'ak budi says:

    new moon oh new moon,,,kapan aku bisa liat movie nya?

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 6 months ago
  2. * Iksa says:

    He he he memang keren …

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 6 months ago
    • * msdummyworld says:

      yep, bagusss πŸ™‚

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago

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