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Make up on Sale

I will sale my make up, simply because I’m a retired bencong :p

So i don’t need 3 foundations, various colour of blush on and variety skin care, one will be enough and less is more hehehe.. well i have list on things i want to sell but not the picture :p ..

It’s hard to let them go, since most of them are not easily found in our beloved country 😀

Batch 1

The picture above:

1. Milani Glimmer stripes, dupe of Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick hihihi, frost pink-berry as blush or hiliter, u can adjust the colour u want, used 3 times at max what they say ?? 95 k

2. Annesa sunblock SPF 50, 80% left 120K, sunscreen is a must!! this product has a verry smooth texture with high protection, avail in japan only, read here for review

3. BRTC Ice Green Tea Serum 95K, try it like 3 times, my curiosity lead me to bought this serum, it moisturize well and it was rave in here

Not in the picture

4. Mac minerelize skin finish foundation spf 15, i have to say this is one of my fav, nice glowy,light with medium coverage but i rarely wear liquid foundation for daily use, so i use mineral powder foundation instead, 90% left, 190K (good deal!!)

5. Everyday Mineral Finishing powder , i used to wear it to set my mineral powder foundation, but then im getting lazy jiahahaha (retired bencong remember? ) 85% left, only 90K, they love it to  here

6. Revlon Skinlight SPF 15 70K, bought it to give a healthy sunkissed glowy on my cheek,read it here glowy bronzer

What else ?? well i’ll keep on updated, send me email for your offer and it’s  not include delivery fee


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