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It’s a lovely Pen and Pencil :)

Honestly i dont need another eyeliner, but i can not help my self, when i see NYX Pen eyeliner ..


from the web: Product Description:
NYX Pen Eye liner is a specially designed felt brush that releases just the right amount of color for precise and dark lining

Well, it’s true guys .. not like most of “liquid” eyeliner, this pen gives the right amount of lining, not too much, so it wont cost u what i called “beleber” 😀 .. just right!!! a thin liner from the tip of the pen, or a bold one when u give the right pressure .. so easy and it last well too


My ” Hug Me “ lipstick allready got to it’s bottom, i love the colour and looking something in replaced, then i found this Lipstick Pencil at Pac counter .. it has almost simillar colour called “Tasty brown” (4th from left) .. it’s a matte product that won’t dried up ur lips,the web said it has vitamin E and moisturizer, maybe not as moisturize as ‘lustre’ line .. it pretty smooth too when u apply it on ur lips:) and what caught my attention at first was they are PAC Lipstick Pencil Limited Edition, just look at the colours they are lovely, i got ‘redish brown’ for my mum, and now i’m thingking to have ‘sparkle fushia’ or ‘rip apple’ 😀 … it just 83k, 66k when u get 20% discount 😀


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  1. * felizku says:

    mau yg nomer 4 dr kanan, atau yg no 3 dr kiri… aduhhh duhh parahhh, mulai keracunan lenongan lagi nihhh nampaknya, helppp!! :((

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 7 months ago
  2. * msdummyworld says:

    tetep yah pilihan lo warna PINK!! bencong pink bangettt :p

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 7 months ago

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