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This time i want to share about KATE product, sister line from Kanebo .. the first acquaintance with this line, was at the end 2007, FDers in bangkok kindly offered PO for any KATE product .. as a ‘bencong’ hope to be, i ordered 2 eyes pallete Glamtrick BK-1 and PU-2

BK-1, pic. from MUA

BK-1, pic. from MUA

For this palletes, i don’t really like it at first, a bit hard to apply with brush, but easier with eyeshadow applicator … but it was the first encounter .. coz lately, it is more easier to apply and blend, maybe it has sumthing to do with the top layer of the eyeshadow ( probably!!), coz i’m telling u guys BK-1 is my fav smoky eye pallete .. with soft sparkle and complete colour from dark to light ( hiliter) .. it even has a slightly clue on how to combine the colour at the back of it’s pack .. while for PU2, hmm i don’t really impressed with colour 😀

When my friend Alia went for Bangkok Holiday Trip, i asked her to buy me Kate Line : Doll Lash Mascara and Liquid Foundation .. I love to defined my lashes, it popped up my eyes .. that’s why i love mascara so much, i can skip any step of daily make up, but not this one 😀 .. Doll Lash mascara, doesn’t impressed me that well .. i’ve read the review at MUA )(makeupalley) and it seemed pretty good .. Well it does make my lashes look longger ( i think it has fiber or sumthin) .. doesn’t smudge either (good one!!) .. but less volumize and curl (IMO) .. from what i read, most of people at MUA loves it’s wand, while not with me .. it tends to carry too much from the tube and it’s to small that can not separated my lashes ( i have unruly lashes ) .. Not my fav but not bad either

from kate website

If i’m not so happy with the doll mascara, i’m so pleased with Kate Liquid Foundation, it has everything i need from a foundation and it’s affordable!! I love the smooth texture, it blends well on my skin, and Alia pick the right shade for me (we both have the same skin tone) .. Medium coverage, and so light!! Natural finish, matte but not dead matte, i think it gives my skin a tiny glowy, just what i’m lookin for!! The packaging not so attractive, plastic and square, but the content suprisingly win my attention .. no oxidize and pretty good oil control,best liquid foundie so far, bye-bye Mac Msf liquid 😀


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  1. * chylpester says:

    hmm.. gw pernah nih nyobain teksturnya di tangan gw. nice, smooth, enough coverage for daily use. tapi untuk night use gimana yank? coveragenya cukup gak? anyways, yesterday i tried on the studio sculpt foundie. like it, but not enough to make me actually buy it :p

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 7 months ago
  2. * msdummyworld says:

    kalo buat daily, gw tiban MSFN or MMU rin, kalo buat pesta bisa ditambahin studio fix kali yah, belum pernah coba si ..

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 7 months ago

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