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Body odor is an issue for many people, male or female .. I as a woman, for instance, will feel  good/pleasant if I smell good, so it’s a kind of connected to my mood .. and I bet people will be pleased to get around with those who has no problem with body odor

Our everyday activities, such as works, exercises , or even ride on a non air-conditioner bus could make us sweating, and the odor that sometimes occurs when you sweat is probably upsetting. Although perspiration is basically odorless, it can take on an unpleasant smell when it comes to contact with bacteria on your skin.. therefore, we need an antiperspirant deodorant to eliminate odor

I do not satisfy with the product I found at the supermarket near my house, so I go to Watson, hoping I will find a better product, then I spot on to Lady Speed Stick deodorant.. It has various variants, I took lady speed stick invisible dry in soothing aloe , it was written : Formulated to leave no white residue on skin ,Scent renewal formula for all day protection , yup just exactly like what I need, plus it smells soft and feminin, me likey

I’ve been using it for two weeks, and I can tell you that this product does the job very well, as with my old deodorant,  I feel fresh in the morning,  less in the  afternoon, and start to feel a bit smelly when I got home, but lady speed really controlled the odor all day long!! What makes me loves it more, it leaves no stain to both your clothes and under arm (the old one, leaves a yellow stain )

The price, as I remember.. costs around RP. 35.000–Rp. 40.000 .. a bit pricey compared to the common deodorant at supermarket, but when it gives you a great protection against body odor .. I think it’s worthed


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